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Rico Jordi-Slater

I am a craftsperson from Cornwall, England, and I have constructed and experimented for most of my life with various mediums such as papier-mâché, cardboard, wood, resins, plaster and general metalwork. Ultimately, I landed on the intimate craft that is metal forging; one that requires direct manipulation, without the ability to touch the material with ones body while making. I love this method of construction, it is organic, similar in certain ways to the growth of a plant, how the metal bends as it is heated, and expands when forged.

My interest in the natural world has grown since a young age. Cornwall fuels my thirst for natural landscapes and abundance of life-giving trees and green backgrounds. In my work, I manifest the energy, chaos and opulence of nature, in an attempt to capture a moment of organic conversation, growth and movement within designs