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Jordan Dovey

Jordon has created forged artifacts as offerings to the Nornir, three figures of Norse myth who each control the past, present or future. Each artifact embodies Jordon’s process for personally facing the challenges that each of the Nornir represents.

In Norse mythology, the Nornir create and control the past, present and future. Jordon’s body of work is offered to the Nornir in order to reflect, understand and learn from his life.

The first artifact is an idol of Urd, the Norn that controls the past. Jordon uses this as a reminder of the lessons learned from the hardships he has faced during his time in Hereford.

The second artifact is a mask for Verdandi, who controls the present. This represents Jordon’s mindfulness of the present and his place within it, as a tool for processing grief and loss.

The third and final artifact is a seax for Skuld, the Norn who controls the future. By remaining aware of how unpredictable our futures are, Jordon can better inform his actions to continue to grow as a person.