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Harry Bicker

Harry’s practice has been focused on the creation of unique sculptural pieces in metal involving simple forging techniques to create complex visual stimuli. The theme behind his work is that of perception, how we go about perceiving objects and the ways in which we analyse form in three dimensions.

The main inspiration for Harry’s work has been the cubist movement in art, particularly the ways in which it explores the abolishment of tactile perspectives in order to form a new way of representing objects separate from our real-world view.

In the work created for his final year Harry has used these ideas to make objects which are to be viewed from all angles, to be taken in from all perspectives. The pieces shown are designed to change along with the position of the viewer, from the side it looks different to how it does from the front and so on. With this in mind, his work invokes the viewer’s perception of objects in three dimensions to create new unique spatial readings of their forms.

The techniques used in making utilise simple repeated patterns to create more complex wholes, the pieces are made entirely of small individual components which combine to create these new structures.

The myriad of structures that can be made from the simple initial forms lead to many different and new assemblages. The exploration of pattern and structure is what drives Harry’s practice.