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Clark Strang

Clark Strang is a blacksmith who has been using his time in Hereford to study forged mechanisms and the task that they perform. Clark’s main area of focus was forged locks and strong boxes, as well as mechanisms used to produce sound (such as servient bells and vault alarms). He has combined these two areas of study into a strong box that has both a working lock and uses a bell system that uses a modified version of the locking mechanism. Clark wanted to combine these two mechanisms to create a functional work of art that would draw people in and beg them to interact with it. The bells being on the outside and not needing the key to operate would ensure that anyone can interact with the art without needing to have the key. All of this culminates in an example of the work that clark would like to pursue in the future, both functional mechanisms that serve a more utilitarian purpose as well as works that are more whimsical and fun to play with.