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Ethan Hambidge

An exploration in design and making of accessible objects, using collaborative agency, materiality, efficiency and pragmatism with a focus in forged metals.

A south coast designer and maker specialising in contemporary and traditional metal work made to commission and bespoke pieces. With an intentional focus on the well-made, versatile, eccentric, exciting and fun functional architectural objects. Taking inspiration from the landscape, buildings and architecture in and around Dorset and further afield. From growing up in an industrial area near the SouthCoast surrounded by the brutal look of industrial buildings with using I beam, angle iron, and many other objects used in the industry giving them all a certain aesthetics.

Using previous qualifications as a car mechanic and a life spent being hands-on all over the world in a wide variety of projects helping to solve any manner of problem. Solving it in a skilled, personal, and aesthetically pleasing result.