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Dan Williams

Dan is fascinated with translating plant forms into forged steel. Using images from ‘The Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruits, and ‘Seeds: Time Capsules of Life’ that excite him as starting points, he uses hand and digital drawings to create reference designs for sculptural outcomes.


Through metamorphosising plant forms found in these books, into sculptural pieces, Dan has discovered an abundance of engaging forge processes which have furthered his explorations and generated designs for his creative process.

Dan’s creative process results in organic, plant-like objects of contemplation. These are placed in interior spaces to inspire audiences to create their own narrative surrounding the biology of the fictional plant that the objects come from.


Dan specifically decided on producing sculptures of fictional plants because they would be intriguing to audiences, both to members who are familiar with botanical forms and those who are not. The aim of the fictional plants is to create an object that is recognisable as an organic form yet does not belong to any known species of plant.