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Alex Gregory

Alex is currently producing furniture that uses utilitarian construction and metal manipulation techniques to produce a sleek modern design.  The relationships that are formed when forging in pairs or groups produce high-quality work and strong social relationships. He chooses to express how he appreciates this by forging furniture designed for multiple users.

Forging Steel, Iron or Non-Ferrous alloys engage Alex in a way that no other practical discipline can. The possibilities of what can be achieved through manipulating hot metal are limitless. He approaches his passion for contemporary artwork through this medium to create functional objects. Alex’s work celebrates these two elements that form the integral direction of his work.

Fundamentally, the metal worker has been a vital figure in human history. Without smiths, founders, and jewelers, our material culture would not exist in the way it would today. Alex was brought up in Sheffield. His hometown’s reputation matters to him. He hopes to display the importance of location in his work and create attractive outcomes that can be designed to fit any setting.