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Katherine Plant

The ‘Delicately Vicious Collection’ – inspired by a 1930’s bracelet with an internal mechanism made by the French firm Chaumet- evolved into creating the Poison Arrow Bracelet. A long detachable spike set with green tourmalines and a single pearl -reflecting colours of the deadly Poison Hemlock Plant sits effortlessly, ready for action on a heavy silver spring hinged bracelet.


The collection which gives a gentle nod to Art Deco influence also includes a handmade silver chain ending in two delicate and dangerous spikes adorned in pink tourmaline stones and is completed with small, sleek spiked earrings. 

Working in sterling silver Kate beautifully handcrafts rings, necklaces, talismans, and earrings which exude simple elegance with a burst of brutalism imbued with energy, using traditional skills of the jeweller.


Unique feminine forms contrasting opposites of hard, sharp lines with soft rounded edges, matt reflecting against polished surfaces whilst combining gemstones chosen with care for their vibrancy and lustre of colour.