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Sarah Pitcher

Inspired by a love of exploring ancient places and reading fantasy novels, Sarah infuses themes of discovery, imagination and spirituality into her silversmithing. Her current body of work is centred around the mysterious, otherworldly relationship between flora and light; using glass to capture a glow within the objects and then growing abstract silver clusters around this.

Finding joy in the making process is core to her practice. Every piece is entirely handcrafted using traditional metalworking techniques such as forging, soldering and repoussé, and each glass element is hand cast, carved and polished. These tactile objects invite ritualistic interaction through the acts of wearing the pieces, swapping the flowers or potpourri, lighting the candles and turning the reeds. Sarah crafts functional objects with physical tools, as she believes that the marks left by a human hand in crafting an object is what gives it a heart, and the marks it gains during a lifetime of use is what gives it a soul.