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Marika Zięba

I’m a fine art photographer who focuses on personal matters as subjects for my projects. I take inspiration from my surroundings and people that are relevant to me. The projects I create reflect my thinking, ideas, and subjects that I can connect with and broaden my understanding of them. I present my projects by giving them the context of my own experiences while creating quiet observations of the world around me.

Nostalgia is a collection of memories from places, and people, as a way to remember it all when we all go in different and separate ways. It is the chronicle of what has been and what will be, the symbol of the past, the present, and the future – the new beginnings. The uncertainty of something new, yet willingness to face it no matter what. It is something to look back on, a trace of what has been, stopped in time forever.

The journey is coming to an end, while another is just beginning.