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Millie Morgan

I am a hand weaver and woven textile designer. My practice is underpinned by an understanding and connection with materials, focusing on the tactile experience that we have with textiles and how textiles can influence our thoughts and feelings.

Rhythm and Regeneration is about capturing rhythm and using it to enhance our emotional wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic, many have struggled with their mental health. My work aims to bring a sense of calm to people, as well as an uplifting energy. I have explored the rhythms in my own life, both micro: running, moving, breathing; and macro: cycles, seasons and the arrival of spring. Combining these ideas, my textiles reflect words we associate with rhythm, such as pulse, flow, tempo, pause.

The theme of cyclical seasons and spring were a main inspiration when developing my colour palette. I have a growing interest in colour psychology and colour’s effect on our moods. The colours in my samples were carefully chosen, mimicking the colours of spring. Green, blues and browns to be grounding and calming, with splashes of yellow and purple to bring a hopeful and positive feel.

It is important to me that my practice is low impact on the earth, working with natural dyes and natural materials. I have chosen to work mainly with British wool in this collection. Showcasing its wonderful potential to be used more widely as a sustainable, versatile material, whose properties are informed by its environment.

It is my aim to create textiles that are loved and cherished. My designs are relevant to both fashion and interiors. The use of simple ties can transform the textile from blanket to garment, and back again. These multifunctional textiles centre around the person, allowing them to change with them.