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Lily Day

I have always enjoyed taking unconventional subject matter and exploring new ideas through colourful, textured and decorative knits.

During the first module of my final year I responded to a live industry brief by examining how the pandemic had impacted on people’s mental health and wellbeing.  My project investigated how a new emoji language could be used as patches or pin-badges so that we might better communicate our internal feelings to the outside world.  These sat on-top of vibrant and highly tactile knits to capture a sense of positivity and happiness.

For my final collection, I was inspired by my brother’s pet snakes and the natural flora and fauna from my local area.  I began by making clay models of snakes, informed by interpreting found imagery into hyper-real patterns and colours.

From this initial drawing and material play, I developed a range of yarn windings that explored different dynamic stripes and colour twists, constantly referring back to the shapes and patterns in my research. These have been translated into a final collection of knitted swatches for contemporary fashion.