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Stephanie Gaignerot

My final project explores environmentally friendly methods of creating textiles, particularly weaving and screen-printing. The impact of the textiles industry on the environment was the main focus of my dissertation, along with an analysis of sustainable alternatives. I wanted to extend this inquiry through my final project, exploring the issue through practice. I am especially interested in reducing waste, and in trying to find alternatives to the use of harmful chemicals that can damage human health and the land.  

Both the process and the inspiration for my collection have their source in nature. I have used organic fibres, sourced salvaged yarns and fabrics, explored natural dye techniques, and experimented with eco-friendly, nature-based inks. The colours and textures are inspired by my photographs and drawings of the natural world around me, in particular the bright colours and blooming flowers of the West Country summer.   

By exploring these eco-friendlier methods, I hope to show that change in the textiles industry is possible, and that it can be made more sustainable without sacrificing beauty. In this way we can help ensure our own survival, as well as preserving our main source of inspiration for future generations.