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Dagmara Chwalik

My collection is a representation, in textile form, of refreshing, wild landscapes experienced on holiday. I find myself taking snapshots of nature every time I travel, and am particularly drawn to views that seem untouched by humans. For me, these images evoke both a carefree vacation feeling, and my concern for the environment. I’m seeking to embody this same combination in my woven samples.  

I’ve pursued eco-friendly processes in creating this collection, attempting to define what a sustainable practice might mean for me. To begin with, I use natural fibres like cotton, silk blends, linen and wool. Since these fibres are biodegradable, they won’t add to landfill waste in the event that they are discarded.  In addition, I make my yarn from either deadstock or waste material. Silk noil, for instance, comes from the short fibres that are left over from spinning silk. The yarn that’s cut off can be re-woven, cut and joined back through stitching and made into fancy textured yarn for warp and weft. I also make yarn from couture deadstock, by unravelling the fabric and re-using the threads. This can make beautiful statement yarns. In this way I create a closed-loop design, as my fabrics can be reworked again, or returned to the earth at the end of their lives, without damage to the environment.  

My product takes the form of re-imagined boucle tweeds, a sustainable take on classic Chanel fabrics. I hope that these can suggest both the roughness of wild landscapes and the care that I seek to take in my approach to their ultimate source.