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Charlotte Crossley

Returning To Breath is a series of textiles that can be worn flexibly, to aid yoga and meditation practices, or to help maintain a clear mindset throughout the day. Weighted knits are contrasted with light pleated silks playing with the balance of grounding and flow. 

I am a mixed media designer with a special focus on knitted textiles. My work is targeted towards health and wellbeing. This project has explored the relationship between breath and body, and has sought to promote the benefits of tuning into the rhythms of our breathing habits for the improvement mental and physical health. 

I’ve been particularly inspired by J.W Anderson’s Disobedient Bodies exhibition and the concept of creating connections between the body and materials. I’ve also been influenced by Issey Miyake’s “Pleats Please” collaboration with the Frankfurt ballet. I was fascinated by the way pleats responded so organically to the movement of the body. I have explored these ideas by collaborating with Performing Arts students. I observed their breath work and spontaneous movement classes, and also ran a series of workshops that encouraged students to connect their movement with weight, light and reflection using a range of materials.