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Nicola Lillie


Thresholds’ is the culmination of a body of research into utilising craft as material metaphor for human lived experience; metaphors bring expanded understanding. Embodied material engagement affords dialogue with oneself, and perhaps others, to

enlighten, connect and grow through the discovery of commonalities. Hevel is an ancient Hebrew metaphor for life. Translated most accurately as vapour, Hevel has been pivotal throughout Thresholds as both a semantic and visual anchor. Thresholds values the evidence of experience, and elevates traces, wrinkles and scars through words, marks and metal qualities. The metal wearable sculptures engage with the body in an enigmatic way which opens up a reflective space when held. Thresholds’ outcomes span writings, marks and metalwork, highlighting a greater depth of value, understanding and connection to our ‘Hevel’ in a tacit, embodied way.