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Ruby Bowd

I took inspiration from old family photos and translated these into simple paintings and geometric patchworks.  From research into quilting and patchwork, and how that skill was traditionally used, I experimented with using these techniques to piece together my responses to my family photographs, as if I was creating a gallery wall of portraits using fabric.

To be surrounded by soft fabrics and a patchwork inspired by my own family photos will give me comfort and act as a reminder of why I am still here.

Patchwork was traditionally done using scraps of material that was left over from other projects, so I have sourced found fabrics for the quilt.  While most of the fabric is recycled, some parts are taken from family members; for example, the paisley scarf on the reverse of the quilt is from my sister. I also wanted to maintain a level of control over the fabrics despite them being reclaimed, so I have also manipulated them through over-dyeing and hand painting with print pigments.