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Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson’s craft practice has diverse artistic inspirations, spanning Neolithic ceramics to sculpture and film, animation, street art, and music culture. This rich tapestry of influences fuels his approach to blending various disciplines into evocative, out-of-the-box creations.  

Drawing serves as a foundational tool for Tom’s practice, which evolves with the project, helping to clarify and refine ideas throughout his creative process. Tom seeks to transform two-dimensional illustrations into three-dimensional ceramic works. Tom’s work navigates the intriguing space between Art and Craft, aiming to create pieces which are both aesthetically engaging and interactive.  

Currently, Tom creates sensory objects that engage audiences through touch and sound. These pieces explore the dynamic relationship between sculptural form, sound, and space. His goal is to bring the ‘outside, inside,’ fostering a deeper connection between people and natural environments. Tom’s work encourages interaction, inviting viewers to engage tacitly whilst listening to embedded soundscapes that represent environments.  

These sculptural forms are directly inspired by the environment, imbuing specific aspects such as sound, textures, and aesthetics. Through incorporating features that stimulate the senses, Tom aims to create a sensorial experience which deepens the viewer’s connection to the natural world, crafting pieces that are not only seen but also felt and heard; thus, offering a holistic sensory engagement.