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Will Barrett

Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern design, I create bold and impactful jewellery pieces. Embracing clean lines and geometric forms, my work resonates with contemporary sensibilities while paying homage to the movement. Exploring design techniques such as computer aided design I experiment with materials, forms and textures to push the boundaries of traditional jewellery design. Each piece aims to capture attention and empower the wearer, creating a confident statement of self-expression.

As a jewellery design student, my creative journey is fuelled by a passion for self-expression and the desire to push the boundaries of jewellery. Mid-century modern design acts as a foundation for my exploration, guiding my research, influencing my design process and offering endless possibilities for innovation. With my research, I immersed myself in the work of iconic mid-century designers and pieces. By observing the delicate balance of shapes and textures I discovered a wealth of inspiration that shaped my creative process. My practice explores how design techniques such as computer aided design can push the boundaries of traditional jewellery design. This allows me to translate the clean lines and distinctive geometries of that era into my own unique and contemporary designs. Throughout my creative process, I encounter both opportunities and challenges. The casting and making process demands a meticulous design approach to ensure the desired aesthetic is achieved. Exploring innovative techniques such as casting textured surfaces allows me to push the limits of traditional jewellery-making. 

The final outcomes of my artistic journey embody my passion for bold, impactful design. Each jewellery piece I create is a manifestation of my personal aesthetic, blending clean lines, dynamic shapes, and captivating textures. The intention is to evoke a sense of wonder, spark conversation and empower the wearer with a confident sense of style. Ultimately, my work bridges the past and the present, re-imagining mid-century modern design through my own artistic lens. By honouring its timeless appeal and infusing it with my own vision, I strive to create jewellery that embodies both the elegance of the past and the boldness of contemporary aesthetics.