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Jess Royall

I am a playful, extroverted, confident, and agile performer. I love to learn, explore human connections, and dive deep into character development. At HCA I have performed professionally on projects by Open Sky, Feral productions, and Rural Media; volunteered for Fetch Theatre; and participated in productions at The Courtyard Theatre.

I believe everyone has the right to a safe and inclusive working environment, and my extended research project-’Abuse in the Tv and Film industry. Are Intimacy Coordinators the solution?’ – allowed me to explore this.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the Birmingham Rep on multiple occasions and receiving valuable feedback on my work. After graduation I intend to move to Birmingham for work and hopefully further this connection. I also have many other ambitions, including furthering my actor training at L’Ecole Jacque Lecoq in Paris, or Second City in Chicago; travelling the globe as part of a touring company; and one day landing a job on a popular sitcom.