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Myles Clarke

I’m Myles, originally from Black Country. I am a Musical Theatre singer with a counter-tenor voice and relative pitch. I am passionate about telling stories. I believe that music and song is the audible language of emotion and gives voice to that which cannot be said. I aim for my audiences to feel something and gain a new perspective.

Throughout my time at HCA I have been involved in the original Musical – Cheese, where I played one of the lead roles Bert. In my final year I played Lysander in Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Hay Festival and Tenbury, Regal Theatre. In my second year I taught, coached and directed HCA FE students to perform three iconic musical songs in the annual FE/HE collaboration week. With my deep passion for music and it’s connection to emotion I investigated the impact music has on ADHD for my final Extended Research Project. Having ADHD myself this project has been insightful and I found that music does have an impact on the brain function and emotion of people, with more dedicated research into the specifics of music and emotion, it can be an opted tool rather than medication or waiting lists.