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Alexej Voldrichu

My name is Alexej Voldřichů, and I am a Czech illustrator and animator. I strive to create bright and positive art that makes viewers feel good. My project revolves around a handmade sketchbook I took on my family trips to Greece and Spain. Each day, I would draw a picture capturing a scene or activity from that day, filling the sketchbook with little moments from my holidays. My goal was for viewers to experience the peace and calm of my work and become immersed in the moments I depicted. To bring this vision to life, I chose to animate the sketchbook. The animations are mostly subtle, featuring small elements or a boiling effect, ensuring the overall feel remains tranquil and not overly dynamic. Additionally, I wanted the experience to be more tangible, as if you were flipping through an actual sketchbook. To achieve this, I created a digital flipbook that allows people to turn the pages and watch the pictures come to life. I hope that viewing my art brings you as much joy as I experience while creating it.

Dissertation – Oinkonomics and Urban Planning: Analyzing Peppa Pig’s Car-Centric Town