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Marci Wade

The most asked, yet the most unknown question we ask ourselves is ‘what comes after death?’ In a world where we are the peak of technology and self-understanding as a society, we cannot agree on one concept of a potential afterlife once the question is uttered from someone’s lips. Reincarnation, resurrection, rebirth, immortality or… simply a state of complete nothingness. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to our inevitable shared fates; all we can do is try and understand any possibility of its outcome. Combining the philosophy of energy of our bodies transferring to a different plane after our passing with the first law of thermodynamics that states our energy cannot be created or destroyed.

My illustrated posters for my degree show will show that our stories will continue through the legacy and memories of others, life can be meaningless and that’s okay. We will continue to shine with the small marks we have made on this world, even if we aren’t there physically. Perhaps life after death isn’t something to be feared but embraced, no matter what form it will take or what you believe. After all, our bodies are believed to simply a shell for our spirits, so the end of our lives can’t simply be the ‘end’. We can move on into a multitude of ways.

Dissertation – Understanding the role of illustration and narrative in communicating depression and mental health challenges in indie games.