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Molly Wheatley

Hi I’m Molly Rose Wheatley I’m an illustrator from Shropshire. As an illustrator, I have always loved to tell stories and spread a positive message. I wanted to create a book about well-being and self-care that can also be beautiful piece of work. I wanted to create a book that shows my love for spring time, gardening and flowers, that also shares a positive message on loving yourself.

I got the inspiration to create this story through my mother, as my whole life she has put her five children before herself, and now we are all grown up it is time to grow her own flowers and take time for herself. The flowers in my book represent everything she has loved and given up for us, and at the end of the book we see what it can look like when she puts herself first. My visual inspiration for this book was Monet as his style has always appealed to me through his use of colour, light and shadow, and texture. I wanted my work to show me as an artist but also as a person, as I’ve always had a positive outlook on life, and I hope to show that throughout my work moving forward

Dissertation Title – Exploring grief in children’s picture book and understanding. What makes a good children’s book about death and how the drawing style, compaction, colour and pacing can all work together to make compiling story.