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Calum Wright

My current work explores around themes of protest and social injustices, looking into issues such as climate change. My responses are explored in a variety of mediums; however, printmaking, photography and drawing tends to be the ones I use the most. The work is aimed to create a discussion and provoke a reaction among the viewers, challenging their views.

Are we doing enough?
fabric, inks, and paint
8ft wall space

Are we doing enough? explores the devastating impact of climate change on society. The different printed fabrics is both an awareness led piece but also a reflection on myself when it comes to me doing my part against climate change. The rough edges of the fabric and the sheerness symbolises the fragility and lack of time we have left to help make a change.

On the wall is a series of painted tally’s, which comments on the amount of people who lose their lives annually to climate change. The chaotic layout of the tally’s is in response to the estimated 150,000 deaths yearly.