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Isobel Vickery

Organic shapes and lines. I find colour seductive and have an unabating compulsion for creating vibrancy and complimentary hues. I exploit aesthetic and message-driven connections and enjoy the use of metaphorical symbolism. Mostly two-dimensional works, with occasional, delicate obtrusions from the flat plane, to mimic certain motifs and connotations.

Often figurative, often abstracted. Focusing on the human condition in its multitudes. I am curious about one’s place within the world and universe, the presence of the life/death/life cycle, and our attitudes towards this. I work often with materials that connote the entirety of this cycle, playing with juxtaposition and harmonious qualities, together. This is usually in the form of digital image but exits this form with collections, sculpture and print.

8ft x 8ft x 8ft cube installation

An installation piece that confronts and admires the immovable force of the life/death/life nature. Possessing the role of The Bone Collector, and making anew something that has died, rejuvenating the forgotten and buried, and allowing the process to become one of wonder and beauty.

Bone, wire, cotton thread, fishing line, acrylic and emulsion paint, white fabric, black fabric, soil, wildflowers and plant life, plastic sheeting, film projection.