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George Beddoe

As a visual artist, my practice looks at how video can be used to create a surreal experience through the juxtaposition of shape and form. ​ 

Working extensively in the editing process, I make moving image sequences that do not use any traditional film conventions like characters, a story and a setting, instead they display more abstract traits that explores the relationship between imagery and sound, and the purist aesthetic of moving image reminiscent of the earliest generation of film.   

Smoke and Fog
2021, Video installation 
6 minutes 37 seconds  

Produced as part of a series of pieces that explore an unconventional perspective on film-making, this video installation focuses on the tone and feeling of an image instead of the traditional structure of mainstream cinema where characters and plot are of central focus. It is intended to give the viewer a rabbit hole experience into a dream-like trance, where they will witness a sequence of images that are gothic-like in nature, all representational of the enigmatic darkness found in the fear of the unknown.