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Flora Maycock

Through the use of pencil and digital drawing, as well as several small-scale sculptural works, my artistic practice has been heavily inspired by photorealism and often takes the form of highly detailed outcomes that respond to varying outlooks on life, engaging with stimulating topics such as mental health and interpersonal relationships. Relying on objective critique and observations of my surroundings allows me to record the world not only as it appears but also create thought provoking, accessible artworks. 

This work explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and reflects the sudden change in social interaction between family, friends and peers. Utilising the symbolic nature of boxes as both frames for artwork as well as the boxes people have been confined to on a screen, this piece displays the isolating impact of modern-day social life. 

Together Again
Series of 6 back-lit portraits set within deep, protruding box frames.  
Pencil, MDF and LED light boxes 
Each 309 x 420 x 300 mm