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Rachel Drury

Growing up in a nature reserve inspired my passion for drawing the natural world. Recurring themes are nature and the environment along with personal issues such as identity and displacement. My multidisciplinary approach encompasses painting, photography, textiles and sculpture. Fascinated by science, with a particular interest in bacteria, I see my work process as a forensic exploration, carrying out multiple tests and experiments until I reach a final outcome.   

Inspired by grown bacteria and the photography used to document the process, Micro(cosmic) explores notions of beauty in the repulsive and our place within the cosmos and vice versa. The work encompasses the notion of ‘worlds’ both immense and microscopic, with the suggestion of viruses invisible to the naked eye being revealed, ubiquitous and magnified beyond proportion. These images and objects naturally reflect the time in which they were created, in both an investigative and playful way.   

Portrait of a Time 1 and Portrait of a Time 2 are two large scale paintings. Created in a time of stress and a time of contentment and security, these works were an integral part of the project but hang separately from Micro(cosmic) as they have a quieter, reflective feel. 

Copper, wire, motor, light, glass, projection, textiles. 

Portrait of a Time 1 and 2 
Acrylic on canvas 
152cm x 137cm