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Acelynn Knight

The human body and how it is represented has continuously inspired my practice. Through using myself and others as the inspiration for work, it enables me to explore the relationship we have with ourselves, whether it be through the sexualisation of the body or the idea of a hidden identity. 

These themes are explored through painting and costume, which enables me to develop a deeper understanding of myself and the varying perspectives of others. Exploring both the physical and mental influences for myself and surrounding people.

Within this project I wanted to explore how people can alter their personalities or alter what parts of themselves they show in different environments. Through survey responses I discovered people almost use this as a way of adapting to a situation to either blend in, avoid unwanted stress or because of a profession. Some people specified that they have stopped themselves from wearing certain clothes, saying things they want to say, pretending to like certain things, etc. This fascination stemmed from having to wear a mask in this current climate, and how through wearing a mask I became more confident, which caused me to think more about an emotional mask.  

I can be a chameleon if I want to
2021, Oil paint, Polyfilla and spray paint on 12 plywood boards,  
Each board is 30.5cm x 30.5cm x1.2cm