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Chloe Wheater

The majority of my work is constructed upon text and appropriated material; primarily still or moving imagery in the form of film reels and slides. The combination of both text and imagery allows me to explore the possibilities of narratives and associations. Text has only recently become an important part of my practice and this visual language acts as form of communication and control to provide emphasis to my themes.

My recent work has moved towards more of a feminist, gendered approach; specifically looking at more sensitive topics. Currently I’m addressing the sexist and misogynistic issues that face women in society and I do this by asking a variety of anonymous women to reveal what adversities they have been faced with, collating the responses in the form of admissions. My aim is to highlight these issues by constructing a powerful, confrontational piece which is intended to provoke conversations between viewers and connect with them on an emotional level, through use of sound, text and imagery.

This immersive space deliberately evokes emotion, and the combination of sounds, text and imagery confronts the audience and instigates uncomfortable conversations. Covering every available surrounding space are words weighted with emotion; handwritten directly onto the walls are statements which come from a range of women who opened up anonymously about the challenges of being a female in our society and the experiences they’ve been faced with. Alongside this is a film projection depicting a range of women from young to old. The soundtrack filling the space consists of the surrounding statements, layered whispering on a continuous loop. The installation allows for people to enter and move around, taking in the statements and imagery encompassing the space.

Aren’t Women Wonderful?
2021, Moving image, ink, text, sound
243.84cm x 243.84cm x 243.84cm