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Dan Lee

For this project, I aimed to capture the tone and mood of an upcoming folk album by local musician Johanna Warren through traditional charcoal drawings and digital editing. These drawings delve into emotional introspection, reflecting the depth and complexity of the music. Charcoal, with its raw and tactile nature, allows for a rich exploration of light and shadow, making it perfect for conveying the nuanced emotional landscapes that songs explore.

Charcoal’s ability to express both delicate and bold emotions helps me depict the wonder of the human experience. By focusing on the subtleties of facial expressions and body language, I strive to create high-quality, realistic drawings that invite viewers into a reflective dialogue. These pieces are meant to engage viewers, encouraging them to explore the narrative behind each expression and the broader story of our shared emotional journeys.

In addition to traditional techniques, I use digital editing to enhance and expand upon the themes in my original drawings. By collaging these charcoal pieces with my own photography, I create a dynamic interplay between drawn and photographic elements. This approach allows for a more immersive experience, blending the handcrafted quality of the drawings with the immediacy and vibrancy of photography. The photographs often depict organic forms and moments of life around me, grounding the work in the natural world and adding layers of context and meaning.

Dissertation – Unravelling the influence of the Stonewall uprisings in the contemporary era through artistic reflections, and the dynamics that contribute to the cultural contexts of the LGBTQ+ narrative.