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Lily Gawlik

As a mixed media artist, I explore colour and texture using various methods such as collage, risograph and ink line drawing. The process of cut-paper collage is quick, and it allows me to work through ideas quickly and explores the depth of my imagination. Risograph effectively explores spot colours, overprints and colour combinations. This works well in a colour-block form with unique imperfections. The riso printer is kinder to the environment eliminating ozone and toner emissions. Drawing with ink allows me to use flow and movement, creating unintended line that has an unpredictable outcome. They each portray visual form and explores language. As an individual, my work evolves through space and time. I find inspiration in the everyday, observing my surroundings that translate my ideas. My creative practice is heavily influenced by my love of nature, animals and colourful pattern. In an unexpected way, these methods and processes developed into my own voice and style as they bring joy into the home and has a positive impact on mental health.

Dissertation – The Illusion of Depth in David Hockney and Charlotte Ager’s work.