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Jill O’Callaghan

For the most part, we are in control of our lives and futures. However, as we navigate and understand this confusing world, sometimes it’s inevitable we are played cards of different fortunes. Did you accidentally break a mirror today? Or perhaps you found a four leafed clover? Maybe you have pulled a tarot card that indicates a break up in the near future. Can these seemingly insignificant things truly dictate our luck outcomes?

Whatever you may believe, my degree show will show an array of different illustrated beliefs of these superstitions from around the world, some may be familiar to everyday life, some may be completely new. These consist of objects and animals alike, some used as wardens to protect us from unseen forces and misfortune or others that can actively bring us this adversity. Perhaps it is vigilant to be aware of these chances to alter our fortuities, you don’t want seven years bad luck do you?