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Ethan Bartosik

Ethan creates interior design products inspired by forms in nature. He designs ranges of functional products such as lamps, coffee tables, coasters as well as ornamental objects of contemplation all designed to enhance the home.

Drawing inspiration from the Fibonacci, The Fibonacci is a sequence but can be used to create appealing portions in art, like architecture and product design. Further the Fibonacci also begins in the growth of the tree trunk, leaves, flowers, and spirals outwards as it gets larger

Ethan has used inspiration from the Fibonacci form and has created it in his own interpretation and has used a form of nature to create a surface pattern.

Ethan’s current project, ‘Spiral Lamp’, is based on the Fibonacci spiral that can be seen in the growth of plants. Crafted from plywood, the lamps feature a surface pattern and Edison light bulb. Designed to bring a warm feel and sense of harmony to the home