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Eunice Bell

Inspired by life experiences Eunice uses mixed media to explore and create unique pieces of work that capture a sense of place, people and emotions. Using colour, layers and shapes she explores memories in life through layering materials on a round framework. Intrigued by the symbolic meaning that can be attributed to the circle, this shape anchors and is frequently used in her work. The fragmented and layered expression of memory is reflected in the use of tissue paper combined with found and collected materials. Her work is a colourful representation of this exploration of narrative around, memory, identity and place, preferring to metaphorically and symbolically represent experiences and aspects of life, often autobiographical in nature.

This body of work has been inspired by motherhood, her own personal experiences and conversations with other women.  Aware that although universal, each women’s experience of motherhood, whether a mother or not is a very individual and personal to them. Alongside her own work Eunice has run workshops where other women have creatively voiced their stories, feelings and thoughts. She is displaying this work alongside her own as an expression of the diverse experience around motherhood.