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Jodie Wilson-Smith

Sensory based, installation sculpture created by Jodie Wilson-Smith.


We are but a point in space and time and all is temporary.


Focused on viewer experience, Jodie creates interactive and playful journeys to send us on an exploration with our ‘inner child’. Using light, optical illusions and prisms she creates an immersive experience for all to delve into.


The intention is to slow us down, be present, wonder and reflect on our time here.

Jodie’s sculptures host the opportunity to find beauty and enjoyment in the now, whilst building emotional connections with others, and the world around us by sharing in a sensory experience. The aim is to shift perspectives, providing an alternative lens to view the world through, in the hope of a collective shift in appreciation for the world around us.


Jodie’s handcrafted Teleidoscope transports the viewer out of the mundane to be engulfed by the senses in a psychedelic world of kaleidoscopic patterns.