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Lily Andrews

Paying homage to the flower-power generation. The core aim of Lily’s craft is to take you back to a place in time.

Lily has designed and created a series of lamps highly influenced and inspired by the swinging sixties period of mid-century modern design. The lamps design expresses a deep appreciation to iconic 60s lighting such as the Lava Lamp and the Nesso Lamp. Echoing the iconic qualities of these mass produced products in a humble, handcrafted piece. Lily’s designs are a love letter to the rose-tinted reflection of 1960s counterculture and her practice is rooted in evoking nostalgic emotion and takes inspiration from the era’s fashion, film, music and design. Lily takes the visual aesthetic qualities of 60s mass produced fashion and design and translates those qualities to handcrafted pieces. Instantly familiar with a modern and bespoke character.