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Hannah Jones

My major project is inspired by rainy days on childhood holidays, passing time watching films and playing card games with my family. The full deck of playing cards is inspired by 54 of my favourite feel-good films, a genre of film that I feel is underappreciated in the world of awards and acclaim. My love of narrative and theatre have made me hugely interested in films and tv series, and I often find myself inspired by the films that portray everyday life in a way that makes you view your own life differently.  Each card in my illustrated deck is a two-colour, richly textured, digital collage, and they are all inspired by the most stand-out moments of the feel-good films I love.


I like to bring a splash of colour into the world around me, so I create bright, friendly images that celebrate the diverse and exciting world we live in. I like working in a range of different scales, from the tiny, hand-held playing card to murals that breathe new life into blank walls in shops, cafes and other spaces.