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Amalia Goga

I have always loved music and festivals, and so when I had the opportunity to create one of my own (hypothetically) I was super excited. I created a series of album covers, posters, and a leaflet for the Tigru Fest, which is a fictional music festival with a fun circus theme. The album covers are heavily inspired by the music I listen to, such as indie and punk.

The reason I have called the festival ‘the Tigru fest’ is because tigru is the word for tiger in my native language, Romanian. Tigers are very fun to draw and are an icon of the circus, which is why I was so drawn to the idea of them. My love for festivals and circus comes from my memories from living back in my birth country and experiencing going to the circus for the first time. My aim for this project was to bring some colour and fun into the world around me in the same way as a circus brings life into dull towns (also to fool people into thinking this is a real event).