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Megan White

In this piece I wanted to create an oceanic timeline of the life from prokaryotic bacteria to modern manatees, I also wanted to include a subtle commentary on pollution as the biodiversity of animals gets much smaller the further along you go in the image, there are more ocean parasites like jellyfish and trash the more modern you get as well.

I created this piece over several months after a great amount of strenuous research to make sure that other than the colours all animals were as accurate as possible, as my love of dinosaurs would not allow me to make an inaccurate depiction of a prehistoric creature, using Procreate I sketched the creatures in dynamic poses and colour palettes until I found a version that Both made the animals stand out but also avoid making them look like they were just floating without weight.

I mostly created the smaller images to allow the audience to see all the detail I put into the animals, but I have also used the smaller images to group the creatures into the eras they were most likely found in, from the Permian to modern-day animals.
in the future, I would like to do a teaching degree while continuing to draw both animals and mythological themed pieces for a variety of clientele.