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Megan Corrick

I have always loved coloured pencils for the detail and the qualities they provide to artwork. I have always enjoyed drawing in a traditional and hyper realistic way, but a few years ago I discovered a love of print. Lino printing was a new way of working for me and the uncertainty of printing was exciting. For this project I have managed to combine Lino printed backdrops with coloured pencil over and then layers of my other drawings added additionally on photoshop. Surface pattern design came slightly later once I was beginning to see the endless possibilities within print. I realised I could turn my nature Linocuts into patterns and suddenly I became inspired.

If I’m being honest I never thought a Children’s book author and illustrator was who I’d become. I wrote ‘Molly Lou’s Great Adventure’ over a year ago to remind myself that being different is a wonderful thing and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I later realised that if this story made me feel better about myself, then it might help someone else as well. There’s a lot of themes in this story about individuality, Friendship, Time, Love and not to mention a Great Adventure! I genuinely believe that this book will make children laugh and inspire them to be their best selves, as I can honestly say, it’s made me want to do the same.

The reading chair was a collaboration between Dave Weaver Upholstery and myself. I made the pattern, and they wonderfully applied it to my chair. I couldn’t be happier with the finished result and I know someone will love this chair as much as I do.

Molly Lou’s Great Adventure was such a fun project to work on and I can only hope I am fortunate enough to write and illustrate more books in the future.