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Tabitha Davies

My project focuses on developing a video game concept I’ve had for a while, titled ‘Chronophobia,’ where a group of children find that their hometown has been frozen in time, forcing them to save it! I decided to focus on creating a production bible to figure out the main cast.  Created digitally, it contains bright character designs and early sketches of their designs. I’ve had the idea for this game for a few years, but struggled to make myself work on it, so I figured our Final Major Project would be a great time to figure out the main cast, their designs and their roles in the story. As such, the book contains both designs and detailed notes on each, including a look at why I designed them the way that I did and what decisions influenced their appearances. I tend to prefer working digitally with incredibly bright colours and eye-catching lines, with a few goofy choices thrown in for laughs.

When I’m not working on these little guys, I’ll probably be doodling some cakes or other foodstuff – whether it’s the highly saturated colours, fun shapes, or the fact that I’m perpetually hungry, food illustration is always on my mind!