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Martha Locock

Throughout my final year, I have used my time during the modules to explore my core interests which center mainly around folklore, traditions and nature. I have also developed my practice in lino cutting and creating handmade prints which I feel give a more handmade and rustic aspect to my work. My inspiration for my final major project was the tradition of wassailing which is an old English tradition that is held on the twelfth night, 6th January. The tradition involves a procession with lit torches to an orchard where fires are lit, and the tree will be blessed to ensure another fruitful year. The crowd is encouraged to shout loudly, and shots are fired into the air to scare off any bad spirits and then there is singing, dancing, and drinking of cider in celebration. This celebration is an important part of my practice as it is something I have attended every year since I was a child and I feel it is a special celebration that everybody should experience, and I have tried to capture this in my prints.

I plan to continue experimenting in my lino printing journey once I leave HCA and to keep creating beautiful and interesting prints that people would enjoy displaying in their homes.