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Hannah Reardon

I wanted to use the work to understand why and how we dream, as well as delving into lucid dreaming and what makes up a lucid dream. This whole artwork was to inspire people to think more about lucid dreaming and to understand why we dream and what it means. The whole magazine and zine printing was to showcase how well the prints collaborate to the finished magazine piece, as well as being exhibited with my 4 A2 prints.  

Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m an inspiring illustrator studying at HCA. My work is a demonstration of what I want to go into after finishing this degree at university. My work has developed over time, from not finding my style to understanding that I want to go into editorial design, as is demonstrated through my work and degree show. The process of my pieces was to explore the idea of dreams through excessive amounts of research and exploring the layout of magazines which would inspire my prints. My purpose as an artist is to find a job in editorial design or book printing as it would benefit me to get the experience of life as an illustrator. The whole process had changed from wanting to make a book all about houseplants and creating a wall Calander with the intention to sell at CMYK and other print fairs, creating that sense of community and handing out my business cards to other artists to get my name out there.