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Robyn Fear

This comic follows young women’s experiences and their relationships with one another on nights out. Through conversations with friends I have noticed that during nights out and working in bars we have experienced many things that reflect the experience of being a woman in a bar. From making new friends and getting ready together, to watching each other’s drinks.

It was important to me to include real and accurate stories in my comic so I set up a survey when I started this project for people to anonymously submit their stories. This survey was for anyone to answer, regardless of age and gender and I wanted a wide range of opinions. The survey was successful and I was able to gain a lot of inspiration from the responses.

The name ‘Club Gossip’ can be seen on the cover and is printed onto holographic paper to appear as a mirror. This mimics one of the scenes in the comic. The name, ‘Club Gossip’ was suggested by a friend, as all the stories in the book are real stories… that I may have slightly changed or exaggerated.