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Liam Saunders

This collection is to showcase the beauty in the everyday, recolouring the city of Hereford. Through intricate detailing and imaginative interpretations, it celebrates the city’s artistic spirit, capturing the essence of Hereford in a dynamic and captivating manner. I worked with various media and methods of image-making to allow the residents to feel proud of the city they live in.

This collection of work aims to celebrate the artistic nature of the city, embracing its people, structure, and creative spirit. Illustrating the various settings of Hereford with bold colours projecting a new life. Using various artistic approaches and workshops to illustrate exciting, innovative art which reflects into familiar scenes, igniting a sense of excitement and wonder.

Allowing the work to connect to the residents and visitors to Hereford was an enormous goal to my outcomes. A sense of inclusion was always on the table so allowing my work to be interactive.

The collection showcases my growth as an artist, demonstrating my ability to adapt and evolve while maintaining a distinct artistic voice. Exploring various mediums and forms of construction within the collection displayed versatility and depth creating a bold compilation of abilities.

Rebranding and developing my artistic style, my artwork has come together as a cohesive collection that effectively presents me as an artist. Drawing inspiration from the researched artists and styles, I have incorporated their techniques and aesthetics into my work, resulting in a unique and recognisable style.

Throughout the project, I gained a deeper appreciation for the city’s artistic heritage. Boldly reimagining Hereford through the lens of pop art illustrative style, this project invites both residents and visitors to see the city in a new vibrant light.

After 4 years of memories, creativity, and hard work each of these pieces of art is a personal and thankful representation of my time in Hereford. The college has provided me with the skills and confidence to produce strong, meaningful, and expressionistic pieces of artwork. I’m great full for my time spent here and in the city of Hereford, my work is dedicated to you.