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Magenta Lumley

My illustrations are birds and flowers found in the American states of Minnesota, Kansas and Colorado. The large works feature the State birds and flowers of the three areas. The birds represent my online friends, and the project is a celebration of the trip I am planning to visit them.

The illustrations are designed to work as art for prints and merchandise, but also as tattooed body art. The designs are bold, colourful and feature strong outlines to stand out on the skin, which is represented by the neutral background.. The larger pieces are shaped to fit a human back. I have used digital art for the impact it gives and the fine detail achievable. It is
also the method used in tattooing so that work can easily be transferred onto skin.

I hope to show that tattoos can be beautiful and meaningful and are not a lesser form of art. I have been producing body art in the form of henna and special effects makeup since I was at school and the natural progression of this is to hopefully become a tattoo artist. There is no better way to bring art to a wider audience!