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Joanna Longuet-Higgins

Joanna Longuet-Higgins spent her early childhood growing up in Fixby, West Yorkshire. This charming debut picture book is based on the stories her father would tell her about The Fixby Giant on their walk to school every morning. Jo proves one is never too old to forget a good story and recalls how she remembers it in this joyous and delightful tale.

My major project really got going in March when I visited Bologna Book Fair. This opened my eyes to the world of illustrating especially for children’s picture books. I was inspired by the people I met from illustrators and writers to publishing houses, agents, translators, book lovers and competition winners. I began to realise that illustrating a Children’s Picture Book could be something I go on to do for a profession and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The Fixby Giant is based on the stories my father would tell me as a little girl on our walk to school every morning in our hometown of Fixby, West Yorkshire. He would swing me up onto his shoulders and act out the story, running and jumping as I happily bobbed along. I too felt like a giant up on his shoulders! My Dad has been the constant in my life, scooping me up when I need help when life gets tough, and so I have dedicated this work to him.

Visit: https://mixam.co.uk/share/646a0fcacd573478730d7985 to view The Fixby Giant book online.