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Danielle Houghton

I intended to produce a collection of images that may be licenced for my final major project. I get inspiration for my illustrations from the environment around me, including plants, flowers, insects, animals, and architecture. The majority of my work is done in my own Folky style, which I have been refining throughout the course of my degree over the past three years.  Much of my work features a similar colour palette and my hope is that the viewer enjoys the art and feels the joy that was felt upon creating them.

Hello, my name is Danni, and you can find me online as  SneakySquid. I’m a motivated illustrator, mother of three, and mature student. I’ve spent the last three years trying to find my artistic voice and style. The artwork on exhibit serves as both a showcase of my abilities and creativity as an artist and a sneak preview of what I hope to produce once my time at HCA ends when the degree is completed. 

I had tunnel vision and was determined to become a children’s illustrator when I first enrolled in HCA. I have grown as a person over the past three years, not just discovering a distinctive illustration style that comes naturally to me but also expanding my perspectives on opportunities beyond graduation.  

Illustration is a passion of mine and I am already established as a freelance illustrator with offers of publishing a colouring book upon graduation, having my own successful online store and in the local area as a window illustrator having won the Hereford Bid Christmas window competition two years in a row. While it’s a plan of mine to continue this line of work, I also hope to succeed in signing with an agency and getting my illustrations licenced. It’s a desire of mine to see my illustrations in a store. After a successful CMYK stand, I succeed in getting three stores to sell me wholesale and signed up to have further markets including the Globe in Hay. HCA has opened doors for me and helped develop me as an artist, and I hope to have a bright future.